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We look for fun and meaningful ways to learn the topics below for our events! Our topics are chosen based on the exposure they offer a young lady to see and experience more ideas to help them gain more success in life!

  • Inner Beauty - Discussions around finding your true self and inner strength through a journal, setting goals and defining dreams.
  • Outer Beauty - Topics include hair, skin, nails, a makeup session.
  • Health and Nutrition - Explore healthy foods, visit a local co-op and discuss the importance of eating healthy.
  • Fitness and Exercise - Benefits of activity in your life as well as meditation, Pilates, Yoga and Dance.
  • Financial Planning - Discuss everyday budgeting and planning for longer term expenses like education.
  • Career Exploration - Look at various careers and the steps needed to reach your future goals.
  • Etiquette - Learn how to set reservations, proper table etiquette and the importance of being a lady in a public setting.
  • Cooking - Learn the basics of cooking by a demonstration or class participation.
  • Charity - Giving back to the community is an important aspect of being a well rounded woman.
  • Art - You will have an opportunity to discover your artistic side by painting and other creative options for exploring art.
  • Music/Theatre - We will visit a local art museum or attend a theatre/dance production.
  • Dressing for Success - Understanding the importance of proper business and casual attire.

(The above topics are subject to change with advance notice.)

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