The Mission, Vision and Values that guide Diverse Daisies, volunteers, executive board, working committee and partners.


Diverse Daisies empowers, motivates and inspires young women of diverse backgrounds by giving them a place to belong, a place to grow.


Our goal is to instill confidence through a safe and positive environment.  Each young woman is equipped for their future and have the skills and confidence that will take them through the rest of their lives.


1) Empowerment

The targeted age range is 11–15.   The young women experience a variety of activities, cultures and life topics at a very impressionable age.  We create a welcoming environment to learn, grow and create a positive, lasting self-confidence.

2) Friendship

Friendships are created by giving the young women a supportive, safe space to express themselves freely without judgement or discrimination.

3) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The goal is to bring young women from all cultures, economic status and demographics together.

4) Teamwork

We encourage participants to work as a team, respect each other and respect the right to be different.

5) Communication

We are committed to maintaining an open, honest, and ongoing communication with all who are involved with Diverse Daisies. This includes parents, partners and our supporters.

6) Community

We value and believe in collaborating with other agencies and partners in the community to better serve our mission.

7) Commitment

We are committed to adhering to these core values.